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Event Planning with Flair


Mitzvah Events

Mitzvah events are “bridge” celebrations. Bringing two divergent age groups together to honor the accomplishment and coming of age of a teen with friends and family. “Bridge” parties can be tricky as teens and adults often have different ideas of a good time. Off the Chart Events ensure that both do. Aside from creating an event that reflects your family’s tastes and values. We assist in making the process enjoyable as it should be, while lending our expertise as to how to make it all happen.

Wedding Celebrations

Our main focus is to understand clients’ vision and style. After an initial meeting. We will immediately begin tailor-making a fabulous wedding celebration experience that will be unique to each of our clients. We will not rest until every detail is thoroughly thought out in order to create a magical environment full of unexpected moments. Our goal is to have your guests walk away from your wedding bringing home the memory of your magical moment.



Social Events

Whether you’re planning a product launch, conference or holiday party, Off the Chart Events enables our clients to fully engage with their audiences through the creation, design and production of memorable live events.

We have three goals when creating an event: increase interest in attendance, encourage participants to stay, and make the greatest possible impact on your audience. We carefully consider budget because we understand that every event is an investment.

Non-Profit Events

A perfectly executed event can make a major impact on a non-profit organization and we take that very seriously. From gala fundraisers to school functions, Off the Chart Events produces events that help you accomplish your mission with class.

We understand the importance of budget conscious events. We speak your language. And we always deliver on our promises. So that you can deliver on yours.


We are here to help in the selection of the venue, the venders, the creative designing process and usage of space as well as budgeting, contract negotiations and executing…